Art by Sofia Besondy

Creative Expressions To Brighten Your Day

Abstracts, Portraits, Cityscapes, Nature, and Pets


My Work

My work spans a multitude of topics, styles, and media.
The more I learn, the more I enjoy experimenting.


Each portrait is an exciting experiment in media and technique. I am the most fascinated by eyes and hair.


Not being a pet owner, I’ve surprised myself in how well I capture the character of an animal. As with human portraits, I love eyes and hair. 


As a former architect, I love to capture the shapes, lines and angles of buildings and streets.


I have fallen in love with the wonder of creating collages. I combine existing shapes, textures and colors into mysterious works of art featuring unexpected dimension.


Ah, flowers and birds, they are God’s creative handiwork for all to enjoy. I marvel at the Lord’s magnificient creations each time I attempt to create one on canvas.


My first paintings were abstracts. There is something marvelously freeing about “letting myself go” with paint brush in hand. I start with a feeling or emotion, and end with an intriguing fractal of colors and shapes that say more than I anticipated.


My customers love the abstract angels I create on textured wood or canvas. Even better, I have so much joy while painting them.

Artist, Sofia Besondy

I express life through the uncertain combination of colors, curves, and lines that blend into something unique and mysterious — like life itself. Even my portraits capture something mystical in the eyes of the subject.