Meet Sofia Besondy

I express life through the uncertain combination of colors, curves, and lines that blend into something unique and mysterious — like life itself. Even my portraits capture something mystical in the eyes of the subject.


Seeing the World as God Intended

My acrylic, colored pencil, watercolors, charcoal, and alcohol ink paintings express life as a wondrous fractal of God’s creation. Often using bold colors, I love exploring different subjects such as portraits, city scenes, abstracts, flowers, and birds.

I typically have a dozen projects underway at the same time.

Recognizing that an artistic ability – no matter how crude or refined – is a gift from God, I acknowledge my Lord for what I’m creating today and what I’m to create tomorrow.

sofia besondy in studio

An Early Spark, Then a Pause

I serendipitously discovered a love for painting one summer during college. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t touch a paintbrush again for over 40 years. There wasn’t time for painting in my life as an architect, kindergarten teacher, and single mom.

In 2015, I retired and began painting again with the encouragement of my husband. Today I’m a member of two painting groups, 620 Paint Group and Capital Arts Society, both of which have been helpful and supportive.

I live with my husband, author, Charles Besondy, in Lakeway, Texas.

I am also a Life Coach and author of the book, “Creating an Extraordinary Marriage After Divorce.”